Thursday, October 3, 2013

If I Only Had a Brain

Turns out I do!
Occasionally, I've been volunteering to do these studies at MIT that have all been pretty fascinating.  Last night, I got paid $60 to get an MRI!  This is what Diana does every day--working with children and young adults getting MRIs in the Radiology Dept. at Boston Childrens, so I was so excited to get the inside experience and tell her all about it! 

 I had to sit completely still for 1 hour while I watched Pixar movies and answered questions about whether the character was happy or sad.  For anyone out there who knows what a healthy brain looks like, how does mine measure up?  Super cool, and knowing that a typical MRI costs thousands of dollars (and somewhere around 10k with sedation), what a cool thing to get paid to do!

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