Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Pacifically South

 This little show was SO MUCH FUN!  We didn't have huge crowds, but we sure had fun Southin' it up every night.  It was great to brush up on rusty skills, and perhaps more than anything, this really built my confidence in my ability to walk in to something without knowing a soul and make some new and dear friends!!  Sometimes as a stay-at-home mom, I feel like I'm losing my social skills!

My little "Honey Bun"!
A cute little boy in the cast made us Lego people :) 

 One of my favorite things about community theater is being able to sew my own costumes!  Too bad I have absolutely no where to where this romper and no other family Halloween costumes come to mind to go with my sailor suit.  Etsy here we come.


 My new cute friends:

 Till next time!


Jessica Elaine said...

How much will you be selling the Romper for? It is adorable!

By they way Camille, you are so talented I'm so glad to see you still entertaining! See moms really can do everything *wink *wink.

Camille said...

Oh you're the sweetest! I have it listed for $35 with $5 shipping, but I'm willing to go lower if there aren't any bites. The measurements are roughly 37.25" in the bust and 31" waist. Interested? :)

Jess, you are one inspiring mom yourself! I love that YOU are still doing what you love, with two little boys as well! Stuff like this keeps us sane, right!?

Diana said...

You look awesome! And I'm glad you had so much fun.