Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A Canon Family

Soon after the Hancock reunion, we caught flights out to the Millar reunion!  It was held at the family cabins on Bill's Island in Island Park, ID.  Beautiful!
 (photo courtesy of Kati)

Now one thing you might not know about the Millars is that they are all professional photographers and take their photography and equipment seriously!  The five siblings:

We even had a photography workshop together and went out on a field trip to practice new things, aka "Let's teach Jason and Camille how to use their camera". 

Ametuers.  Haha, we're looking at our cheat sheet as if it was written in Portuguese!  But look what our baby camera can do!

I can proudly say that I haven't shot on Auto since!  The brave world of Manual is not as intimidating as before and I'm enjoying trying new things.

Obviously, neither of us took this shot either, but the rest are some favorites from our field trip, taken by either me or Jason.

(also courtesy of Kati)


Braden Hancock said...

Care to bring some of that Millar expertise over to the Hancock siblings? :) Share the wealth, sis!

Travis said...

That is hilarious :) NIKON FOREVER!!

Natalie and Steve said...

I LOVE nice cameras. I need one.

Camille said...

Get a Canon! Haha

Diana said...

Wonderful pictures! I wouldn't call myself a professional. Like, at all. But I love learning new things, too.