Friday, January 4, 2013


 We had a grand time in Idaho!  What a vacation!  The kids loved playing their cousins, and everyone got to meet Parley.  Mom Millar made it magical for everyone!  Christmas is so much more fun with kids!
 Grandma made Lincoln a new blankie because the old one (on the left) is getting pretty nasty.  You should see the perma-brown corners where Link has chewed the life out.  Can you believe these two are made from the same fabric?  Wish us luck as we try to make the old one disappear.
 My favorite gifts were these knitted animals from Aunt Diana!  What treasures!  You really should see the rest of them she made on her blog.  Adorable!  (And you have her and Kati to thank for all these amazing pictures!)
I immensely appreciate all the delicious meals Mom always prepares.  Not having to cook is a perfect vacation in itself!  I have so much to learn from her masterpiece dishes!
Christmas Dinner with Mom, the DeGraffs, and the Spencers


Sabrina said...

I love seeing all the photos of all of you together!

Natalie and Steve said...

I love that you seem more interested in that book than Parley is...

I adore your kids. Still looking forward to meeting Parley!