Sunday, January 6, 2013

And a Happy Two Year

Today marks two years from the day we rolled into Boston with everything we owned in a Penske.  New England had just had a monumental series of snow storms, and a good 18 inches of snow was there to greet us.  I mostly remember being colder than I ever had been in my life, living in a basement apartment where I could feel a draft on my face while we slept.  The sun would go down at 3:30pm, and my husband would come home after 9pm every night.  My high-maintenance 2-month old would never let me put him down or sleep for more than 20 minutes at a time.  Groceries were costing twice as much and my entire savings from my last two years teaching was spent on our first and last month's rent.  On the morning of our first snowstorm, our car was towed off the street because of parking regulations (no parking on the even side of the street when it snows), and my phone had hardly a bar of reception, so half the time, I couldn't even call my mom! 
Yet we were SO HAPPY!  We had each other, and we were on our first adventure, with a job, a home, and a little baby.  We were hundreds of miles from any family, but we were living the city life and we were loving it!  Two years later, things are rosier, and I still can't get enough of this exciting and ridiculous city.  Here's to Boston, and here's to us!


Natalie and Steve said...

So fun! I don't think we're ever going to forget that trip. Ironically, this New Year's Eve, we stayed in a hotel in Nebraska (again) and we had room 111 (again) while we were on our way back to Chicago...good times.

Camille said...

Haha, excellent! Only MOST of those memories I would like to relive :)