Monday, August 20, 2012

Ugly Smoothies

Linkers and I have been chugging down green smoothies every morning this summer.  Well, I guess Parley, too, indirectly.  Jason won't go near them :)
We can eat an entire monster bag of spinach ($3 at Haymarket!) every week!
There's just something about getting 3-4 cups of spinach in your body first thing in the morning that makes you feel like you can justify eating poorly the rest of the day.

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Sabrina said...

Brett will hardly touch the green smoothies too. Even when I can get him to try them and he admits they taste good and you can't taste the spinach, he has still won't do it. His loss, I suppose. I am just sad Chase doesn't eat them as willingly as he used to. I hope Lincoln continues to enjoy them.