Thursday, July 12, 2012

Cutey Buns

Today was take-treats-to-work-day again for Jason.  I was looking for a quicker cinnamon roll recipe and found this one for cake mix cinnamon rolls:
 I wondered what would happen if I used a devils food cake mix instead of a white.  
Behold: chocolate cinnamon rolls!
You may have wondered how my kids beef up so nicely...:) Parley is actually topping Lincoln in all his past height and weight stats for his age.  Watch out big brother!


Matt said...

As a summer intern at Cambridge on Jason team, I have to be honest. "Cutey Buns," were in all honestly on of the top 3 best things to have happened to me this summer. Thanks Camille!

Unknown said...

These were amazing. Too bad Jason didn't take pictures of us all chowing down for the blog!

Rich Collins said...

I apologize for not responding sooner, but I am still getting over the shock of how good these were. In order to provide and objective assessment, I have listed a pro and a con for these:

Pro: These were by far the best cinnamon buns that I have ever had.

Con: I don't think that I can look at breakfast baked goods the same way again.

Thanks again, these were amazing!

Camille said...

You all are too kind :) So glad to know they were well received. Feel free to put in suggestions for the next treat day!

Jay said...

Thank you so much for baking for us! As a new guy on the team, I now have a lot to live up to for Friday breakfasts

Stephen said...

It was a while ago since we had these, but I'm still having flashbacks! They were that good. Thanks.