Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mom to the Rescue

Jason has been a huge help to me, but he had to go back to work on Monday.  Plus he's in super-study mode for the CFA June 2nd, and is using all the spare time he has to study.  Enter Super Grandma!

We kicked off the week with a fun excursion to the Mobile Food Fest for lunch and a one-hour Boston Harbor cruise!

 Then we filled the week with numerous errands, baby announcement photoshoots, baby footprinting, a hunt for a social security card, lots of peanut butter cereal, a baby swing fiasco, double stroller shopping, a grocery stock-up, some spring cleaning, and even a free night of babysitting for a date night!

If I had any doubts about my abilities to successfully handle two children, Mom sure left me with confidence that I can do this!  Thank you thank you and HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!!


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I love spoiling my grandchildren!