Friday, May 25, 2012

Giga Boys

Remember tamachotchis?  Giga pets?  Nano babies?  Weren't they cool?!  Does anyone remember racing back to their locker to frantically feed their digital baby and clean up their three poops, give them some medicine, play a quick game, and then do it again during lunch break because the toys weren't allowed in class, but you had to keep them alive this time!?

But it wasn't enough to have just one!  You wanted another one and another one, and you were so cool and felt more responsible the more you had and the more you can handle.  I liken my two boys unto tomachotchies :)  I like to collect children like toy fads.  Just kidding.  Its kind of fun juggling two babies to one me.  Ya, its a little crazy sometimes and they never seem to be sleeping at the same time, but looking back, I wonder how did I ever feel busy with just one baby?  Were there really days on end where I felt I didn't/couldn't find time to shower?  Really, newbie mom Camille?  You were weak! 

or those of you who missed the toy craze of the '90s, I hear there's a Tamagotchi Pet Raptor App. 

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Natalie and Steve said...

Isn't it crazy how you get that much busier? When I only have one of our kids, everything seems so much easier!