Sunday, December 4, 2011

Turkey Lurkey

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  We loved having a whole week off to spend with friends and family, and I loved having a whole week with my husband!
The flights were cheaper by flying into SLC so we carpooled with Marc & Diana up to Idaho.  We were able to visit my Hancock grandparents in North Ogden on the way up!  (Lincoln is their favorite great-grandchild).
A weekend of wonderful meals and a spectacular Thanksgiving dinner, thanks Mom!
Lincoln loved playing with his cousins (here with Adie) and all the new toys in Grandma's super cool playroom in the basement!  Because he learned how to go up and down stairs on our industrially-carpeted steep and narrow stairs, grandma's were a breeze.  He could slide down them pretty fast!
 And Marc & Diana's dog, Marley, was a big hit with the kids!
 Marc with baby Parker, Brett with Chase, and Jason with Lincoln.  With our newbie, there will be FIVE Millar grandsons all in a row!
 Our very typical evening activity: playing Mexican Train while eating Christmas candy aaaallll night long!  A few of us went out for some Black Friday shopping, and I almost fainted standing in one of the lines for too long.  Don't be alarmed people, I'm just preggo.

Baby Parker's blessing was on Sunday, and I was so honored he wore the houndstooth baby shoes I made him!  From left to right: Sabrina's dad and mom, Sabrina and Brett & kids, Diana and Marc, us, and Mom.  Pardon my unflattering but oh-so-comfortable maternity dress.
On Monday, we got a rental car and visited Provo for the day!  We hit up a few of our favorites, namely Cafe Rio, In n Out, and Kneaders, got our wedding rings cleaned, visited Jason's old roommate and friend Will & family, and drove by our old house. 
That night we had a Hancock FHE with my THREE BYU brothers (and their girlfriends!)  Travis's Kelli and Braden's Julia are both coming to Ohio for Christmas!  Its about time we had a little more female influence in our male-dominated household!
We figured out a way of giving Link a bottle, then quickly flipping him onto his belly to fall asleep on our laps.  It worked for a few hours.  We had some long flights and after several delays on our way back, we got home around 4:30am, which was interestingly almost exactly the time we left the house exactly a week earlier.  In all, a happy holiday!

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BellaMamma said...

I wish I had known you guys came to Provo. I would have loved to see your little guy! I hope that life is awesome for you.