Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Stockings Were Hung

I've always loved my family's magical stockings, especially how they are each different and have our names cross-stitched on them.  I love how proudly they are displayed all month and how we all love our own stocking so much.  I've been wanted to make our own family a nice set for quite awhile, but I wanted to do them all at once so all the fabric could coordinate. 
(Here I was a month older than Lincoln at Christmastime)
 Though I don't have all seven made (because we're having 5 kids, did you know?), I have baby #2's started and I atleast have the fat quarters set out for each upcoming stocking, and all the batting, backing, and trims cut and ready.  I didn't realize coordination was so important to me until this project!
I tried to make Dad's look like a dress shirt cuff on top, and no polka dots!

 Thanks Diana for showing me how to make yarn pom poms!  Though I may trim these down a little smaller; they also turned out a little wild, like my wreath.
Lincoln loves to shake his stocking and let the jingle bells ring!


Kati said...

These are so dang cute! You did a great job. This fabric line is perfect. I have some scraps in these fabrics from another project. It makes me want to pull them out again and make something. Next year I'll make stockings!

Sabrina said...

Cute, cute, cute, Camille! Kati, I am surprised you haven't made stockings yet!

Mom Millar said...

These are so fun Camille! Way to go for being so on top of it and getting them done, as well as being ready for more when needed. They are really cute!

Anonymous said...

That's a great idea and they are absolutely wonderful Camille!! our family tradition has been to add something to our stocking every year on Christmas Eve. I love the coordinating idea though and when I'm ready to start having little ones, I'll remember this idea!!

Diana said...

So, so, so cute! I love them. I'm thinking maybe next year I'll knit some stockings for our family. You've inspired me!

Natalie and Steve said...

SO cute! I love them!