Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Big Three

 Happy 3rd wedding anniversary to us last week!  Amazing how 3 years feels like forever and nothing at the same time (both in good ways). 
We meant to get a babysitter and do something wild and crazy, but with Jason's super busy and unpredictable schedule, we ended up getting Santarpio's (East Boston's famous pizza place) and having a candle/tree-lit picnic.

I love you so much, lovie!  Here's to many many more!


Bill said...

Congrats, Camille! Has it really been three years? Holy cow! I'm glad everything's going well for you! :)

By the way, who took that picture? Based on that shot alone, I can tell that the photographer was a fine specimen of humanity! ;)

Natalie and Steve said...

Happy anniversary!