Friday, November 4, 2011

Bombs Away

Lincoln's new favorite pastime is climbing up the stairs, gathering items from all the bedrooms, and throwing them down the stairs. He's an excellent eater and wound up 95% again in height, weight, and head at his last check-up. When he's done eating, he throws everything from his tray onto the floor on his right side. Since I set the trashcan right next to his high chair, we've eliminated a lot of clean-up! He follows me everywhere and hates to be alone. He loves to play the piano, ride in the car, terrorize the bird, and could chug a gallon of whole milk every day if I let him.

Jason has had a busy week at work, coming home after 10pm, 11pm, or midnight every night. I wish I could stay up that late, but Baby #2 is an energy sucker. Good thing he has some busy weeks and some boring weeks so I don't feel like a single mom all the time. Several times a week, Jason gets to take individuals interested in working at C/A out to expensive restaurants for lunches. How do I get one of these dates?!  Since he only rides the subway to and from work, he was able to go almost 3 months without renewing his expired Idaho drivers license.  Jason has developed a new hobby of cultivating bonsais! He has patiently been waiting for several months for a handful of seeds to sprout and is excited to plant them soon. Bonsai trees take years to grow, and then a lifetime of cultivating! 

I've been sewing a lot with all this alone time. I've recently done window seats, curtains, and reupholstered dining room chairs for a wealthy professor who lives in a high rise downtown with massive windows. I hope to get some pictures of it all next Saturday. I've also been sewing up some doll dresses, quilts for a RS activity, and tailoring for clients. I'd really just love to get around to sewing up Christmas gifts and stockings, but they keep getting pushed back. I daydream about next year's Halloween outfits, making matching suits for my boys, and how much fun we're going to have visiting our families for the holidays.


Joann said...

What a cute boy!! I can't wait to have him (and his parents) here for Christmas!!

Natalie and Steve said...

Poor Edna Mode. She seemed pretty freaked out with Link's attention.