Monday, October 17, 2011

Baptism Day for the Twins

My brothers, Preston (left) and Spencer (right), were baptised last month! 
 Preston was baptised first and Spencer was confirmed first.  Apparently Spencer said he wanted to be baptised 2nd so that he could sin a little longer than Preston, silly kid.
(Notice the oreo in Spencer's hand) 
Funny how these boys (who are uncles!) will probably get to know my children better than they know me.  7 years difference is a lot closer than 17.


Bill said...

You'd be surprised. I'm 8 years older than my nephew and 16 years younger than their mom. I actually became their go-to babysitter when they lived close. However, I became REALLY close to my sister when she was called into the Young Women's presidency while living close to us. She gave me rides to and from church regularly on Wednesday nights. She and I are still REALLY close today, now. :)

Honestly, it's a really cool experience, being that close to your nephews and nieces, though. I'm glad they'll have the opportunity to experience. it!

Natalie and Steve said...

Ha! Spencer's funny!