Wednesday, October 26, 2011

(G)ive (M)e (A)nother (T)est

The studying for the GMAT has begun!  Another huge pile of study books has arrived and Jason has dived right in.  The plan is to take it sometime after Christmas, in time to start studying again for the CFA in June.  I'm so proud of you for studying so hard, babe!  This will all be worth it someday!

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Jay Clay said...

Ok, just for clarification, the top 6 blue books are my CFA books which I won't start going through until January/February. The rest of the books are the GMAT study prep books. I figure if this one test could possibly dictate how a good portion of the rest of my life will unfold, might as well get the best materials and get a lot of the best materials to study. How many pages do you think are in that stack? Sums up to to an aggregate of 6000 pages. That MAY just be more than I read through in my entire college career. That's not saying much for my college career is it? Ok, it may not be THAT bad but still. Think I can do it? We'll see.