Thursday, September 15, 2011

To Market To Market buy a fat hog. 
To Haymarket, to Haymarket, to buy bags and bags of produce for the change in my pocket. 
Seriously.  I have fallen in love with this downtown outdoor market.  Its been running Fridays and Saturdays year-round since 1830.  Last weekend I spent $10 for two bags of baby carrots, five peaches, four tomatos, two boxes of raspberries, two zucchinis, two broccoli clusters, a giant bag of spinach, a bushel of six bananas, a box of strawberries and four oranges.  Haymarket, you rock my weekends.


Sabrina said...

I am totally jealous. We don't get quite that kind of selection around here at outdoor / farmers markets.

McKay and Jessica said...

Just found your blog.... your house is SOOOO PIMP! I LOVE IT!!!!! and your sewing skills are out of this world! Holy cow! You are amazing.