Sunday, September 4, 2011

And One Personal Item

I don't think its uncommon for most babies grow very attached to something like a pacifier, or a blankie, or a stuffed animal. 
  Should I find it odd that Lincoln is inseparable from a toothbrush? 
(This is his new trick--backwards scooting over to the coffee table and pulling himself up to standing)
I can not pry it from his fingers for days at a time.  He eats with it, plays with it, sucks on it, takes it on walks, takes it to church, takes it to bed and wakes up with it clenched in the same fist.  Odd?  I hope his (eight) teeth are getting some good brushing.
Oh, and did I mention he can rip the bristles out with his teeth!?  Holy death grip, I didn't think adults could do that! 


Allison said...

That is super cute!! I would say just go with it!

Diana said...

You can't really complain about that one. Most parents have a hard time getting their kids to brush their teeth. It appears that this will never be a problem for you. So cute!

Melissa said...

Lincoln Millar DDS! :)

Mike said...

Ben was attached to a toothbrush for a while, so no, it's totally normal (or at least for our two kids!). The whole ripping-the-bristles-out-with-his-teeth thing is pretty impressive, though ;)

Laurra said...

I love all the pictures of him with the toothbrush everywhhere!