Monday, July 4, 2011

Red White & Blue

Me and Lincoln got to spend a week with my family at a cabin in Georgia all last week! It was simply a perfect vacation (except that Jason wasn't there), and a rare occasion to have all the family together (again, except for Jason).
This was Day 1, where a huge bout of separation anxiety was about to ensue.
Un-pictured highlights:
before and after weigh-ins
"dam" jokes every time we crossed one
push up contests
$300+ worth of junk food
'address everyone by their middle name' day
'talk with a southern accent' day
the whole family singing in church, and no one complaining about it, except my dad from the pulpit


Mom Millar said...

Sounds like you had a good time with your family Camille! I'm glad you got to go. I'm interested in how Lincoln was through all this.

Natalie and Steve said...

Is the first time you and all your siblings have been together since Travis' mission?

Camille said...

Well, there was a week after Travis came home, before Braden left, so its really been only a little over 2 years.