Tuesday, July 5, 2011

4th of Jello

We had a fabulous 4th, didn't you?! We met up with some friends from our old ward and put on a barbeque at the MIT housing playground, along the Charles river. The hit this year: strawberries and jello on bottom, cubed pieces of cake, then whipped cream and berries. SO easy, and one of the first things to go.Then we put baby to bed only to pull him out again at 10:30pm to see the fireworks! Turns out you can watch them from this Piers Park that is about 2 blocks walk away from us, overlooking the water with a perfect view of the lit up city. Beautiful!


Carla said...

We actually watched the Boston fireworks too, though I have to admit that we were watching them from the couch. We thought that they were spectacular and hoped that you were there enjoying them in person.

Camille said...

Oh neat! Where were they being broadcasted last night?