Monday, July 11, 2011

A Park Remark

Last weekend we tried out the East Boston legendary "Santarpio's" pizza (yes, I think it might have lived up to its "Best Pizza of Boston" title) and discovered some more fabulous parks: East Boston Memorial Park and Breman Street Park. We've really been impressed with the parks around here. They are so well-kept and most have a policeman or two on duty at all times. I love how many chidren are in our city and how family friendly it is over here. I can't wait to have a boy who wants to run around! It might be awhile though--he's showing 0 interest in crawling or anything that involves mobility. No need to bother when his parents wait on him hand and foot. Lincoln tried out a swing for the first time, loved it, and is practically ready for underdogs. We sure missed Daddy while we were away last week!

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