Thursday, June 23, 2011

Strong Man

Groupon had a sweet deal a few weeks ago: $24 for 24 days at this Womens Healthworks gym in Cambridge. I used it for the 3 1/2 weeks before we moved to East Boston and absolutely loved it. I'm trying to decide what was the best part about it: losing baby weight, getting to watch "Dancing with the Stars" live while busting it on the treadmills, or getting to use the sauna every night.

The Lincoln Smolder

Fridays they held a "Mommy & Me" class, where we could bring our non-crawling babies to the class with us. As I predicted, while all the other sweet babies sat content in their carriers watching their mommas, Lincoln wanted to be held and swung around and lifted and bounced through the whole thing. Not satisfied to sit on the mat with toys, no. He had a perpetual grin on his face during the entire (extra) strenuous workout. When we would pick up our babies for some arm work, the other moms would lift their tiny girls like loaves of bread, while I would use everything I've got to hoist my chubby baby above my head.

How many rolls can you count?! That is one well-fed baby.


Natalie and Steve said...

Camille, you're a good writer! I sat here and laughed through your entire anecdote.

Camille said...

Aww thanks :) I try not to write long explanations because I know I get bored reading them on most other friends' blogs, but maybe I just have a short attention span and I really should write more. Glad you got a laugh from this one :) Love you Natalie!

Mike said...

Haha, Ben had that same onesie and then he outgrew it because his leg rolls were too big for it! :) I love that you rolled up the sleeves to make it a muscle shirt :)