Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Ain't She Tweet

Sorry there's been a desert of posts--my Grandpa passed away last week and Lincoln and I flew out for the funeral. More on that to come.
Well, I've been begging Jason for a bird for months now, and at Easter, he finally gave me permission to get one. I've been researching canaries, but this pretty young thing showed up for free on Craiglist, with a free cage, toys, food, and treats! And oh I love her! She's around 6 months old, sings when the faucet is running, and is hand tamed! She already lets us pet her!

I'm still thinking about names. In the running are "Peetwee", "Ursula", and "Edna Mode" (from Incredibles).


Bill said...

I vote for "Edna Mode," but you should just call her "E."

Natalie and Steve said...

My vote is the same. I like Edna Mode.