Monday, June 13, 2011

Scooper Bowl

We tried it out, loved it, and think we have found a new family tradition. 
All-you-can-eat ice cream.  I know, right? We went all 3 days :) With our kitchen packed up and all, it was fun to get out and meet up with Jason downtown for "lunch".(This middle picture was in the Boston Globe last Wednesday!)
We downed 52 scoops between the two of us! My favorite flavor goes to Baskin-Robbins "Gold Rush". I brought mashed carrots for Lincoln, and maybe he was tricked into thinking he was also eating ice cream, but then again, we shared the same spoon, so maybe he did.


Diana said...

Holy cow! 52 scoops is kind of a lot. That sounds like something Marc and I would do ;)

Mom Millar said...

Was it good ice cream or just so-so? That would make me gain 5 lbs at least!

Camille said...

It was actually really good! They had baskin-robbins, ben & jerrys, edy's, friendlys, and a delicious local gelato shop. We'll definitely go again next year, but perhaps just one day instead of all 3!