Thursday, May 19, 2011

CFA: Camille Feels Abandoned

Jason has been studying for the second level of the CFA (which really stands for Chartered Financial Analyst). As wikipedia puts it, "Exams are challenging, with only 42% passing the Level I, 39% passing Level II, and 46% passing Level III exam in June 2010."
He's been so dedicated to studying for this test on June 4th, but I hardly see him anymore because he stays late at work to study until 11pm or later. We're asleep by the time he comes home, and by the time he wakes up to leave in the morning, Lincoln is usually down for his morning nap, so the two of them go days between seeing eachother!
Mark my words, in 3 weeks, we're going crazy. I already have so many plans made, babysitters lined up, Groupons bought. I take that back. In 3 weeks, we're gonna move, and then my brother +friends are coming to stay for a few days, and THEN we're going crazy. We're gonna spend the whole summer vacationing in our own city.


Jason said...

Jason? Jason who?

Elise said...

Those tests are doozies. Joel is actually preparing for the exact same test, and he is taking it on the exact same day (except in Des Moines). Only a few more weeks to go! Good luck to Jason.