Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Dresses for Betsy

Finally, a non-baby post, right?! Lately I've been doing some remakes for my Aunt Jenni. She had a bunch of dresses from high school and college that I re-fashioned for her cute daughter Betsy. How sentimental, yes? I love doing remakes! Especially going from big to smaller because I could pretty much cut each dress apart, make the pieces smaller, and sew it all back together, redo zippers, blah blah blah, add some ribbon or a ruffle, etc. What fun. Here are my favorites:
Maybe someday I'll have a girl and I'll remake my prom dresses into Easter dresses :) Lincoln will have a matching vest, just kidding. Not really.

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Jenni said...

Great post Camille! Thanks for all your hard work to dress my only girl. You are so talented. we will miss you!