Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Accessory

I am so attached to this little boy! I call him 'my favorite accessory' because he is with me wherever I go. I love him more and more every day! (Just like I do with Jason :) Its everything I could wish for, being able to stay home with him and just be Lincoln's Mom.
Some adorable things:
  • He seems to really enjoy diaper changes. As soon as I start freeing him from clothes, he cheers up and gives me immediate smiles! I really want to buy this onsie at Target that says, "I'm happier naked".
  • If you put a shirt over his head to dress him, he totally freaks out like he's being suffocated.
  • He is quite cuddly. He'll let me spend all the time I need checking email, writing in my journal, blogging, etc. as long as he can lay on my shoulder. I'm getting really fast at typing with one hand--I feel for you Evan.
  • His new trick lately is wiping his nose all over my shirt. He loves it.
  • He used to take about 10 minutes to really wake up, but nowadays, he will pop his eyes open out of no where and be completely awake with no warning. It kindof startles me sometimes!
  • He loves loves music. I recently won a giveaway for this "Cradle Rock" CD of Michael Jackson lullabies! (Thanks Crissa!) I can't wait to get it so Lincoln doesn't have to listen to me sing nothing but showtunes all day.
  • He has chosen a bedtime of 8pm and wakeup at 6:30am sharp. He still needs to eat 2-3 times in there, but he'll go right back to bed, which is absolutely wonderful.
  • During the day, he's a total cat-napper. 5-10 minute naps are his thing. It makes for speedy showers.
  • My favorite cry of all is when he puts his head back and whines "mmmBahhhh" up in the air like a baby bird begging for worms :)


Crissa Pollmann Robertson said...

He is such a little cutie!

Court said...

Oh goodness!! Camille, he is pure perfection!!! I'm in love already and I can't wait to meet him!!! Congratulations!!! r