Wednesday, December 22, 2010


I've found a new hobby this week: selling our stuff on I don't think anything has been up for more than 6 hours before its sold. We've been downsizing, or mostly just getting rid of junk we've been lugging around for 2 years, so as to better fit in our moving van. For example:Recliner, Jason found on the side of the road: $18 Water aerobic weights, bought for $15, used all summer, sold for $17
2 end tables, given to us by friends, we used them as experiments for refinishing in a cherry wood color: $15Expired Mary Kay products abandoned by a former roommate, $41Now if anyone will please take our couches! (Sabrina found these in a forclosed house year ago, am I right?)
I've been paroozing Boston Craig's list "free" section, and you can find everything from leather couches to upright pianos, hundreds of posts a day, whereas Provo's "free" section has one or two items, like a free kitty or a broken washer! I'm pretty sure we'll be able to replace everything we need to once we get there, thank you wealthy college students of Boston.
In the meantime, I'm having too much fun with this. Who knows what will be gone the next time Jason comes home!

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