Sunday, October 17, 2010

Getting to Know You

Little Lincoln sure is our pride and joy! He performs so well for visitors, is eating like a champ, and never spits up. He seemed to actually enjoy his bath yesterday, is sleeping longer every night, and we even made it to church today! He fills our house with so much happiness! I'm sure its the crazy hormones, but I find myself in tears constantly just thinking about how perfect he is and happy I am that he's here!(This is the outfit my brother Travis wore home from the hospital 22 years ago)Grandma MillarMy Hancock grandparents, who are now Great-Grandparents!

He sure loves to yawn!

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Mary said...

He is a JOY! What a special little guy. Thanks for sharing with us! Have fun being his new little mommy. He is lucky to have you and Jason!!!