Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My 6 lb. 4 oz.-er

Yesterday was my 36 weeks appt., and I measured a whopping 42 cm (meaning 42 weeks large). Incredible. I've been measuring big at every appt., but 6 weeks ahead of schedule?! My doctor wasn't entirely sure if he was breech or not b/c his "head" was feeling a little too squishy/soft to be his head, so I got another ultrasound today! What a treat to get to see him again!
(37 weeks)
Well, he's actually measuring exactly where he should be, and is already 6 lb. 4 oz.!! So with four more weeks to go, I can just plan on him being around 8 lb. 4 oz. Ok, I can do this. She didn't see much hair, if any, which is fine :) I like bald babies. He still looks healthy and happy, and to me it looks like he has some big cheeks :) The better to pinch him with. Oh, and he's definitely head down! Things are lookin good!


Carrie said...

My stomach measured 6 weeks ahead with Brian too! But at 37 weeks with an ultrasound he measured 9 lbs 1 oz already so I don't think you will have a 10 pounder. Atleast I hope you don't, I don't wish that upon anyone. Crazy how close you are getting, can't wait to see what he will look like!

Mary said...

We are all sooooo excited for you! It's fun to keep reading your posts and see all the fun growing that's going on. I suspect twins (haha) I'm teasing, but I know of a woman who was measuring bigger and surprised both herself and her doctor with twins even though her ultra-sound(s) had shown only one! Lol, crazy, huh?