Monday, September 6, 2010

Maternity Make-overs

Its really incredible that my mom just finished having children 7 years ago. When I was visiting during Spring Break, she let me rummage through a couple boxes of her maternity clothes. I picked out a few things I figured I could update a little: Before
All I did with this one was take in the sleeves so they weren't so flowy and gaping, and ruche up the sides with elastic. 

With the black dress, I took off the ribbon bow, cut the sleeves shorter, added elastic, and added a sash!
My mom wearing this one 23 years ago, holding me!With the plaid, I took off the neck tie and added it to the waist, finished the v-neckline, took off the red on the arms and pleated the new shorter sleeves.
Maybe these all still scream 80s to you, but I love them! Thanks mom!


Anonymous said... are amazing. I wish I had your talent!

Miranda-Jayne said...

These are perfect! Good job, little lady!

Sabrina said...

You're so cute. I love them.

Carla said...

You certainly have a gift Camille! These all look great!

Mike and Val said...

No way, you totally updated them! It must be so trippy for your mom to see you in her old maternity clothes! How fun!

Natalie said...

Aw! How fun to see a picture of your mom when she was about your age!

You are so talented! I love it!

Mary said...

That's an awesome talent you have. Way to be resourceful and hip! Such adorable outfits and definitely no longer 80s!!!