Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I'm a Cheapskate

And I just can't bear to buy something when I could make it myself. It doesn't necessarily turn out better or much cheaper, but I just love having projects, even if they only save me a few dollars. Observe:
A $3 mattress pad found at DI, $4.50 in blue and white vinyl, and left-over cording intended to go on a dress in high school.Into a covered diaper changing pad! Sitting on top of a $15 cupboard/tv stand also from DI! After years of changing babies on tables too tall, I was determined to find something short enough, so that when they stand up, I can actually reach them to get dressed. Look how well it coordinates with the diaper champ! A used car seat from my Aunt Amy (THANK YOU!!) and $10 in fabric and buttons.Into a car seat canopy cover! I made the straps so that it can also be worn with an additional piece as a nursing blanket. And look at that, its all wrinkled, sorry. I had to keep telling myself, "Don't make it feminine, don't make it girly, he's a boy! No bows!" Status on us: we're doing great! We both got our flu shot yesterday (2 for 1 special), and we love going to water aerobics 4x/week. I'm at 35 weeks, but measured 39 weeks big yesterday!! My doctor says he still looks and feels like a little 5 pound baby right now, its just that I'm carrying him straight out there. He's been head down for the past 2 appointments, and I've gained a total of 19 pounds with him! So I'm allowed to gain 6 more in the next 5 weeks, yessss.

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Barbie said...

Camille, you are awesome. I am loving your work that I've seen so far. I'm so excited for you and Jason! Best wishes for an easy delivery!

I think it's funny that you're sick of changing diapers on a table too high. We have the opposite problem at our house. =)