Monday, August 31, 2009

That's Intense--Kinda Like Camping

As the Ward Chairmen, me & Jason were in charge of the Annual Camp-Out last weekend! For a girl who's not so keen on the idea of camping in the first place, pulling together supplies and food for roughly 50 people was kindof freaking me out. But it all turned out to be pretty fun!
We slept like princesses--egg crate foams on top of an air mattress. Pretty darn comfortable.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Joseph, Joseph, Is It Really You

We had a lot of fun with this show :) Jason is so good with kids.Primary "sharing time" Which one is my husband??! I could never tell from behind.
Sold to the Ishmaelites (Cirque du Soleil) Hoedown!
Joseph and Potipher's Wife, booooo.I really had a dream the other night that the director told me he needed me to be a 'guard' for the last 3 shows. Weird. Interpreting the butcher & the baker's dreams.
(This made for a comical 2nd act, when the baker is dead, and the doll is still alive)
Go-Go Time!
The cute Richardson girls!Tango, tango, tango. Since I've started working at the costume shop, I got to sew almost all these tango dresses! Grovel, grovel. The Bachelorette Party
Me and the "dream doctor".
Yuck, I hated this scene. Mostly b/c I couldn't be in it (I was changing for the tango).
Notice how I'm pushing away Kalli next to me :)
"Stay away, he's mine" And I still got to steal a kiss in every night, as a raving fan. Those shoes. The End.
10 Min. mega-mix!!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Meet Me at the Fair

My table won at the county fair! The fair was a good incentive to finish it in time. So I entered it in the 'decorative painting' category, expecting a 1st ($3), 2nd ($2), or 3rd ($1) ribbon, and we came later in the week to see it in the "Best of Show" section! I won a 1st place ribbon, a "Best of Show" rosette, a plaque, and $25 (which I promptly spent on shoes)! I'm glad to be done, and for the table to be a finished addition to our home for as long as we live. I hope when I die, my grandkids are all fighting for who gets to keep "grandma's table".

Monday, August 10, 2009

The Table. The End.

So once upon a time, I had this crazy idea that I wanted to take a perfectly nice table, sand it down, draw all over it, woodburn it, paint it white, then paint it black, and then paint it all different colors. And Jason thought I was crazy, naturally.But I did it anyways. AHHH carpal tunnel!! My wrists, my aching wrists. I taped off the sides, and put down a white primer, then proceeded to do a base black, getting the crevices really well...
And then got busy painting! Lots and lots of paint; pretty much everything needed two or three coats.I finished it with 3 layers of a polycrylic finish, but I think after the fair, I'll do 2 or 3 more. I just don't want to be picking out food crumbs that get stuck in the niches.

The polka dots on the dress! Ahh!
The plan is to shave off the sides and make it into a coffee table when its too small to be the kitchen table.
Whew! Fun summer project. Off to the county fair in the morning!
I'm gonna win that $3 first prize!