Sunday, August 30, 2009

Joseph, Joseph, Is It Really You

We had a lot of fun with this show :) Jason is so good with kids.Primary "sharing time" Which one is my husband??! I could never tell from behind.
Sold to the Ishmaelites (Cirque du Soleil) Hoedown!
Joseph and Potipher's Wife, booooo.I really had a dream the other night that the director told me he needed me to be a 'guard' for the last 3 shows. Weird. Interpreting the butcher & the baker's dreams.
(This made for a comical 2nd act, when the baker is dead, and the doll is still alive)
Go-Go Time!
The cute Richardson girls!Tango, tango, tango. Since I've started working at the costume shop, I got to sew almost all these tango dresses! Grovel, grovel. The Bachelorette Party
Me and the "dream doctor".
Yuck, I hated this scene. Mostly b/c I couldn't be in it (I was changing for the tango).
Notice how I'm pushing away Kalli next to me :)
"Stay away, he's mine" And I still got to steal a kiss in every night, as a raving fan. Those shoes. The End.
10 Min. mega-mix!!


Natalie said...

SO good! By the way, I didn't get to fully mock the shoes. Eek.

The doll scene was very entertaining.

I love the tango dresses. When did you start working at the costume shop? You do great work!

Gosh I hope you never surprise-kissed the wrong "husband". :D As entertaining as it would eventually be...

Valerie said...

This looks like it was so fun! Yay for Jason for being the star, and yay for you for being the wife of the star :) I'm sorry I had to miss it!