Monday, August 31, 2009

That's Intense--Kinda Like Camping

As the Ward Chairmen, me & Jason were in charge of the Annual Camp-Out last weekend! For a girl who's not so keen on the idea of camping in the first place, pulling together supplies and food for roughly 50 people was kindof freaking me out. But it all turned out to be pretty fun!
We slept like princesses--egg crate foams on top of an air mattress. Pretty darn comfortable.


Elise said...

That does look like fun! Air mattresses are the best, especially when it gets cold at night. You are amazing for being involved in so many things and doing them all well. Isn't planning an activity for that many people hard? There is so much to think about!

Natalie said...

You went camping?!

Camille said...

I know, right!? I can't wait to see you on Monday Natalie!!! Bring the little one so I can hold him the whole time!