Monday, June 1, 2009

We Are Family

Travis (on the left) got back last Wednesday from serving in Taiwan,and Braden leaves this Wednesday to serve in the Samara Russia mission! We had to get the family together while were all in America for a week, especially because Travis and Jason hadn't even met.


dant said...
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erin said...

What a beautiful family! I seriously LOVE your hair, Camille! It makes me want to cut mine.

Allison said...

Way cute pics of the fam!

Natalie said...

I LOVE your family!

Carlee Bearie Boo Miller said...

im so happy i found your blog i remember you say you had one so i took some time and i found it. i looked through and it is so great to see all the pictures and all that you have been up to. you really have a wonderful life and a beautiful family. all of you and then you and Jason! i hope to keep in better touch with you and i really like the blogging! both my sisters have one and I am working on me own so it is great way to see what every one is up to. wishing you a great day and trip if you are still down with your family!