Sunday, June 14, 2009

Cruises are for Lovers

We're leavin' on a cruise boat...

The beach at Catalina Island--a really cute little town where everyone drives golf carts.

Formal Night!

The market in Ensanada Mexico. The port stop had been canceled because of swine flu, but surprise, they came over the loudspeaker that morning and said the authorities looked the boat over and said we could get off! We were the first cruise in like 40 days to be able to get off.

The Titanic staircase.

And then we stopped by Vegas on the way back, in honor of our Bellagio honeymoon 6 months ago, but actually stayed at Excalibur. Yay vacations! For more pictures, visit my facebook:


Carlee Bearie Boo Miller said...

Looks like you had a great time! I've been on a couple of cruises in my time and looking at your makes me want to go again. Looks like you have been away from home a lot! Are you saving any fun for later in the summer!

Natalie said...

Dear Camille,
Thank you for not bringing back swine flu.