Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

Dear Jason: I love you so much, and think you're really cool. I love how you make batches of cookies and eat the whole pan with a spatula. I love how you have to make the bed perfectly before you can get in. I love how you butter your bread with a butter cube like its a stick of deoderant. I LOVE how you do the dishes for me. I love how you treat me, how you hold my hand everywhere we go, and how you know me so well that you know the moment something's wrong. I love how you let me rent girly movies and try 'healthy' dinners on you, and how you eat seconds just to make me feel better. Someday you'll be a wonderful father, just like you are a wonderful husband. You're my favorite :) Love, Wifey
(This one time, Jason started with the shaving cream, only to find our water had been turned off for the morning for some maintenance, so he couldn't even wash it off, and I laughed and had to take a picture)


Diana and Marc said...

All I can say is, Jason, why are you wearing stripes with plaid? Where has all my hard work gone?

Sabrina said...

Hmmm, Jason, you're calling me sappy? Looks like you married someone just as "sappy". Not that that's a bad thing, Camille!