Friday, January 23, 2015

Just Waitin'

I figured I should dump all the latest pictures before the blog becomes all about the baby!
Parley refers to himself as "The Monkey" and can eat an entire bunch in one sitting.  Here was a pie from our ward's Christmas party pie contest.  I actually don't like pie at all.  Gross.  Most of this went into the trash after the party.
Sweetheart Diana threw me a baby shower!  Not everyone gets a shower for their THIRD baby, so it was such a treat to be showered with adorable baby girl things!  There is so much squealing going on around here, organizing all this pink!!
We started noticing that Lincoln was unable to extend his thumb fully, and it turns out he had a "trigger finger", where the tendon just needed to be loosened.  It was a very fast and simple procedure, but he still had to go under and get his entire arm casted for a week so that he wouldn't pull off the dressing.  Cast care for a week is about all I want to do again.  Its kind of a hassle making sure it doesn't get wet, helping the boy use the bathroom, fitting winter clothes over the bulk, etc.
 He was a champ about it, really.  It mostly was just itchy for him, but I think he liked the attention at church :)
Uncle Travis came to visit for a weekend!  I've had four years to refine my Freedom Trail Tour, but it was probably still fairly pathetic for this historian!  Good thing his work is sending him back to Boston this coming weekend to tour some more.  Hey, what a great weekend to have a baby, right?

I fear that this little sweetie is in for a rough period of being demoted to "middle child" status.  Poor guy.

And the sewing projects are what are keeping me sane!  

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