Sunday, December 7, 2014


What's new?  Parley is the first to get a cavity, right in the middle of his two front teeth (?) so we're upping our flossing strategies around here.  The boys would paint every day if I'd let them, but they only last about 15 minutes before they start painting each other.  Every time.

Baby Girl is getting spoiled rotten with all the sewing I'm doing for her, starting with her blessing dress I made from my wedding gown!  It was a really rewarding project and I still have yards and yards of dress leftover for a baptism dress, temple envelope, wedding garter, etc. :)

I attended Boston's Biggest Baby Shower (as press!) with a bunch of my friends.  We walked away with bags and bags of baby gear and accessories.  The first relative to announce a pregnancy is getting a package sent their way!

And the kids are my model subjects as I continue to work with some fun brands, like Arla Dofino cheese, JIF To-Go Dippers, Crystal Light, various toy companies, etc.  We have fun.


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