Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Marshmallow Study Revisited

Surely you've heard of the marshmallow study, where toddlers were given a marshmallow with the option of getting two marshmallows if they waited several minutes to eat the first.  Those kids that could delay gratification and exhibit self-control were determined to be much more successful later on in life, yada yada.

So Lincoln came up to me last night asking if he could eat 5 carrots so that he could have 5 marshmallows.  He knows how treats work in this house :)  Anyways, I put the carrots and the marshmallows in front of him, then left the room to see what he'd eat first.  My mama heart glowed to see him finish his veggies before diving in to the sweets.  What self control :)

This kid is a stickler with rules.  He's gonna be such a good oldest brother.

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