Thursday, January 9, 2014

Christmas was Cool

 Merry Christmas!
 Our baby Jesus was a little squirmy, but very well-behaved.
 Link and this stuffed horse were completely inseparable.
 How fun to have everyone home!!  
(Except for Derek on his mission, and Braden's fiance who came a few days later)

Christmas jammies!  Between both grandma's, my boys are set on pajamas for a while!
 Us, being excited about our new saw.  Jason spent some free time in my Dad's shop and built the boys a little step stool for the kitchen.  It turned out so cute!  As soon as its painted, I'll post pictures of it.  Speaking of paint...

 I tried my hand at some 'real' painting and gave my parents a canvas of their home.

 Then we just played and played and played!  Actually, Mom worked us like slaves, painting up quilt pieces for the upcoming wedding.  I was able to bust out a Mother of the Groom dress and get a head start on bridesmaid skirts.
The girls got pedicures and the boys played a lot of Ultimate.  We played another thrilling round of The Newlywed Game, and though we couldn't beat out the soon-to-be married lovers, I feel satisfied in tying with my parents, married 29 years.
Parley stole the show in all his cuteness, and Lincoln learned how to play the trumpet.

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Natalie and Steve said...

Hey! When you paint, it actually looks like what you were going for! :) Well done.

I hope to see a picture of that quilt you worked on!