Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Ode to Jini

One of my best friends got married last month!

We met doing the Hill Cumorah pageant, and were next-door roommates for a while after that.  Jini made me do crazy things with her like ride motorcycles and make bets where the first girl to get a boyfriend won a pair of Victoria Secret panties, and in the name of friendship, I'm going to overlook the fact that she kissed my brother.

And if you also know Jini, you know she's completely the kind of person that would serve her guests at her own wedding!  She let me sew up some aprons for her and her man in their stunning "A Moment in Time" wedding!

Oh Jini, you were the most beautiful bride!  Cheers to the happy couple!  Let's do lunch next week!


Bill said...

You know Jini!? That's awesome! She was actually in my ward several years ago, and until they got married, I was Drew's first counselor in the Elders Quorum! :) SUCH a great couple, aren't they!?

Camille said...

That's awesome! Its a small world--especially for two amazing people like that. The cooler you are, the more people claim to know you, right?