Sunday, February 10, 2013

Lincoln Lately

Oh my little man-child.  Sometimes I wonder where you come up with the things you do.  Like how you will beg for a sheet of stickers and put every single one on yourself, then proceed to leave them around the house for me to find. 
Or how 75% of your waking hours, you can be found wearing someone else's shoes, usually mine.  Several times a day, Lincoln puts on boots, a bag, and his hat, then yells "See ya!" and heads to the (childproofed) door to "go to work" like Daddy.
My sweetheart of a boy was kicked out of nursery for "pushing the girls", and recently walked up to Parley and bit his arm so hard it look likes Bella's vampire scar.  Probably 2 out of 3 preschool days, he comes home with an "injury report form" about how another student pushed him, but I'm fairly positive Lincoln's the class bully.  He's a feisty one!  He yells, "CHEESE" as soon as I pull out the camera, and a few more words are showing up here and there!  "Me-me" is probably my favorite, meaning "monkey meat", meaning bologna :)

Enjoy some of Linker's mystery words.  Your guess is as good as mine.

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Natalie and Steve said...

My favorite is "not much, not much". Cute boy!