Thursday, February 7, 2013

eShakti Shoot

Well, I hesitate to admit to anyone how much fun I'm really having with Dandy.  
I've had my eye on eShakti since a friend of mine showed me their website YEARS ago (thanks Megan!), and I've been hounding them for months, begging to do a review for them.  They finally answered my emails and I got to customize this $105 dress, who hoo! 
 You can read my full review HERE.
And sweet Diana was in town to take these pictures!  Thank you!
 Of course, I love it, and I sure love doing product reviews :) I also made it onto eShakti's pinterest board of other blog reviewers!  See all of us showing off our dresses HERE.
And my yellow coat?!  Found it at my glorified dump heap, Dollar-a-Pound!  I love my life!

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Meg Fleshman said...

Hooray for shout-outs!