Thursday, April 26, 2012

Tales of a Seamstress

I continue to get a lot of sewing jobs that occupy my evenings, and I'd post pictures and tell stories, but they're just so ordinary: replacing trouser zippers, shortening sleeves, taking in temple dresses, etc. Though this week I got to replicate a bridesmaids dress into a different color and sew up 14 tunic/cover-ups for a girl in NYC who wants to start her own business! Small and simple these jobs may be, but I've raked in over $1,500 in the last six months!

But once a year, PROM rolls around and I get to make something lovely! This was for Nancy, and we designed this one together. I was secretly thrilled when she chose purple because the last 5 prom dresses I've made have been shades of blue. Plus, this color totally reminded me of making my own deep purple Junior Prom dress.  I think I even pulled out the same spool of thread from 9 years ago.
 Here are the Mormon girls with my adorably polka-dotted sister Janae, + friends
(I also made the navy blue dress two years ago--its fun to see the modest dresses being passed around each year)
I'm trying to turn down jobs for the next few weeks, just to give myself time to adjust to mothering two, (and in June I have another Capt. Hook enthusiast wanting a costume!) so until baby comes, I get to do some "selfish sewing" :) I've sewed up Jason's and Lincoln's Halloween outfits, made another nursing cover, another vinyl changing table mat, and will try to make a little romper for #2 tonight for our family pictures sometime this summer!


Michelle said...

You are seriously amazing Camille! You never cease to amaze me. And it is HARD work sewing at night, for me anyway. I have had a few small projects for people and by the time Grace goes to bed I am so exhausted that sometimes the thought of sewing is too tiring. Yet... I always enjoy it once I get started. I just never know how much to charge people! that is so difficult for me!

Melinda DeBirk said...

I am so impressed! I've wanted to start sewing and someday do just what you are doing!

Barbie Mills said...

Beautiful work Camille! I love the tulip sleeves and lacing on the side, and the skirt is just fabulous.

Bill said...

lol I'm happy that you're getting more work from the Captain Hook costume. :) Someday, if you ever have time, I should ship the coat to you and hire you to do some additional embellishments on it. :)

Crissa Pollmann Robertson said...

I love those tunics! Good work!

You are so lucky to have the knowledge and patience for sewing. I would try my hand at it again but those stupid machines always eat my fabric ;)

I could go for a cute modest maxi dress right about now. Got any of those up your sleeves? :)

Camille said...

Thanks friends!! Michelle, I agree with everything! Bill, bring it on, and Crissa, ask me again next month!

Natalie and Steve said...

Ooh! I LOVE that lacing up the side.