Monday, April 2, 2012

Lincoln Lately

 Oh how I love this boy!  We love our daytime adventures together, and we're loving the nicer weather that lets us explore the playgrounds around here!  Its a whole different world this Spring, being able to run around!  He'll stay all day if I let him, and will run around making the sign for "more, more more".
  Linkers used to keep getting stuck in our desk chair and would push himself around and bump into things like this.  Pretty funny.   He's VERY attached to this blanket, and won't sleep without it.  
Nevermind the mismatched clothes.  When we don't go out, we kind of just wear whats clean around here.
 L loves to climb and crawl over and under everything!  I made him a little playhouse to throw over our kitchen table, and he loves it!  Its quite possibly the ugliest thing I've ever put together, but I figured I'd spend an hour of time and just use the scraps I had lying around then see if he actually likes it.  One day I'll make a super cute one.
 Look at those eyebrows!  They're crazy!  They're not mine or Jason's.  They actually look a lot like his Uncle Travis's :)
Sometimes he gets in a fit and doesn't want anything to eat except for, say, ketchup.  Or this raw potato.  Whatever, crazy kid.  Well Dude, lets make the most of this last month of exclusive one-on-one time together!


Bill said...

Look at him... So blissfully unaware that his whole world will soon be turned upside down... ;)

Thanks for all these updates, Camille! I love seeing what you and your fun family are up to!

BradenJH said...

Oh, golly. What a cute nephew I have! I can hardly believe I'm related to that adorable little stud...

Diana said...

He's going to be such a fun older brother! I can't wait to see the two together. And I love that you just threw that playhouse together. I'd say it's quite impressive and he's lucky to have you for a mom.