Friday, March 23, 2012

A Little Purple

 My darling friends Emily W and Emily M are throwing me and friend Rebeckah a joint baby shower tomorrow!  Those little dears.
And here's the little baby skirt and matching headband (which I may or may not have tried on Lincoln) that I made for Rebeckah's baby!  (Rebeckah, if you follow this blog, stop reading now.)  I used some scraps from the Prom dress you'll see in a few weeks.  I ran the skirt downstairs to show Jason and squeal about it a little, and realized: I know exactly why God doesn't give me any girls.  I would spend WAY too much money on fabric and WAY too much time making frilly things.  Good thing I have friends who keep having girls!

1 comment:

Natalie and Steve said...

First of all: CUTE SKIRT!! I think you're assessment as to why you will have two boys soon is absolutely true.

Second, I'm glad you don't have to buy a baby model just to find out if your clothes fit. :) I wonder how long Link will agree to be your model before the protesting begins...