Sunday, March 18, 2012

Happy Patty

Happy green day!  Everything we did that was St. Patty's-related was centered around food, though I did go down to Haymarket yesterday morning (which I guess is also food-related), and even at 10:30am, the city was preeeetty crazy with drinkers.  We thought we'd stay indoors.
A. Green waffles & banana coins
B. Shamrock Shakes
C. Normal deviled eggs (I got a little too excited about using my new shamrock plate, that I totally forgot to dye the filling green)
D. Jason brought me home a gorgeous St. Patrick's green bouquet of flowers on Monday to enjoy all week!  How perfectly seasonally thoughtful to a girl who loves the holidays so much!
E. Zucchini muffins (which look green when you bite into them)
F. Key lime yogurt pie

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Sabrina said...

You sound like me. I love making green food for St. Patty's! It's one of my favorite holidays for that reason :)