Tuesday, January 11, 2011


We’re in Boston! Its been one crazy week and a half getting here. Let’s start where I left off:

Wednesday morning it took us freakin forever to finally get on the road, and in the beast, we could only go about 35-40mph with the snowy roads. We only drove for 5 hrs before we got to Rock Springs and found I-80 was closed, so we found a hotel room to share with the Monsons.

The next morning we waited around for I-80 to open, then sped out of there. The roads were a little better, but we got news that the freeway was closed again in Laramie. We were bummed and sat around in Wal-mart for a few hours, and just as we were about to go get a hotel, we noticed the trucks were heading out of the parking lot. 1-80 had just re-opened so we jumped on it, straight on till morning. We had a mini NYEve celebration in the truck and arrived at the Becks in Council Bluffs, Iowa around 4am. Jason slept through the morning and I had a grand time talking with my family and cousins! Especially my cousin Carrie, with her 2 boys--Davis just 6 weeks older than Lincoln, yet they look just about the same size, no? Cute babies.

(Notice Lincoln's grip on Davis' ear. Perhaps a forshadowing of what Nursery will be like. My mom says I used to bite the other kids :)

New Years Day we drove up to Chicago and arrived around 9:30pm, but the boys wanted to unload the Monsons’ stuff all that night. We stayed the night on air mattresses then drove that afternoon to Ohio! I always love coming home! Jason and I have lost our novelty when Lincoln's around. My mom exclaimed, “Where did all your hair go?!” when I took off his snowsuit hat! Its true, he lost practically all of it on this trip! I guess it kindof stressed him out.

But really, Link was a champ with all the driving. A real angel baby. It was incredible how he could sleep for long stretches, wake up to eat, then fall right back down to the lull of the big truck engine. My, how things could have been pretty miserable had he been fussy the whole 40 hours.

Early the next morning, we drove to Hershey PA, took the cute little Chocolate World tour, then another 15 mins to my Aunt Amy’s to sleep. Meanwhile, we were not expecting the $30 tolls around every corner. Stupid truck. Good thing we got cash for everything we sold in Provo!

The next day, BOSTON! I was getting nervous as we drove in! How fun to recognize the street names and places from looking them up on google maps for the last month. We made it to our little apartment and the boys started unloading (Natalie and Steve followed us to Boston to help unload and get in a little vacation in) while we got our windshield repaired (it was totally smashed up from rocks kicked up from the truck) and parking passes for our cars and truck ($40) to park on our street. Everything is so expensive in this city! More to come, but we're here and happy!


Tori said...

I'm glad you made it safely! Welcome to the East Coast! :]
We did a cross-country move when Katrina was 6 weeks old and I was amazed how well she did. Apart from stopping all the time to feed her, she slept all day and fell asleep easily each night.
Lincoln's a cutie! Love the grip on Carrie's baby's ear!

Sabrina said...

Wow, that was quite the adventure you guys had. I am glad you got there safe and sound though. We are excited to hear about all the things you get to experience in Boston.