Tuesday, January 25, 2011


After one night of getting up with the baby 7 times in one night, I decided there must be something done. So we've been trying out the Ferber method of sleep training for a week now (where you let them cry it out for 3 minutes, then go comfort them with your voice and touch but don't pick them up, then come back after 5 minutes, 7 minutes, etc) and it has been a huge success!! Every night has gotten a little better, and...last night he slept for 12 hours with only one feeding in the middle! I am pleased as punch! How wonderful to have my nights and evenings to myself again! Time to break out the sewing projects.
It probably helps that he has a beautiful new crib to sleep in! Thanks Mom Millar!! We picked out one that is beautiful and only 34" tall, so short moms can reach in and out without having to hoist their baby over really tall bars. *This became a priority to me after putting Ammon in and out of his really tall crib this summer in Houston :)
I'm getting so excited about decorating the room with "The Hungry Caterpillar" stuff, so be on the look-out for any thrift store finds! Sleep well, baby!


Sabrina said...

Yay! There does come a point where the night wakings get really bad and something must be done. I am glad you have found a method that works for you. The crib looks beautiful :)

Kati said...

You should check out Kohls. Their Cares for Kids books right now are Eric Carle books. They have the Hungry Caterpillar and a super cute stuffed Caterpillar for $5 each.

A Close Family said...

So happy for you!!! It is definitely amazing when they start sleeping through the night! You wonder how it was ever done and how you stayed sane through the day. Miss you tons, Poppy!!!

Jami said...

Oh this method sounds great! My little L woke up 6 times last night... I need a change. I think I'll try this one out :D